A locally owned
and operated body corporate manager.

BCsystems are a Queensland-owned and operated body corporate manager.

Specialising in a personal, tailored approach to managing your scheme, our experienced strata team provide end-to-end support for committees, lot owners and on-site managers.

We offer an obligation-free ‘health check’ and proposal service. We’ll need a few minutes of your time to understand your building and situation to give you the most accurate recommendations.

From there we’ll submit a proposal with our suggestions, expert body corporate advice, and competitive pricing – all for free.

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We'll need to get some details about your building. Let us know the best time to contact you.

Solutions not problems

Taking the time to genuinely listen to our clients is often enough, but when problems do arise, our team takes a balanced, transparent approach to solving them.

While many decisions and actions will be out of our control, empathetic understanding, proactive communication, and relevant support make the world of difference.

Innovative approach

In this ever-changing industry, our proactive approach to innovation is a must. Whether that’s building online tools for the convenience of our clients or applying out-of-the-box strategies to new developments.

Customer relationships

Relationships are the foundation of our business, built on the understanding that every client is unique. Not just at a body corporate level, but as individuals.

This is why we take the time to listen, tailoring our management approach to suit every person, their communication style and business preferences. It’s the BCsystems’ approach, driven by the customer centricity at the heart of our organisation.

Working as a team

Respect is a BCsystems’ core value, and one we take very seriously. Accepting diversity in our teammates, just as we do our customers, we appreciate everyone is different, every opinion is important, and every team member has a seat at the table.

We support new ideas and encourage those who challenge the status quo. We know a positive culture and collaborative workplace is our superpower to providing the highest level of service to our clients.
Every committee has a dedicated strata manager, plus an assistant to back them up. Your team will be your go-to contact for most strata-related enquiries.

The specialist areas of our work like accounting, tax, levies, insurance and disclosures are handled by professionals in each area. You may, from time to time, deal directly with them.

BCsystems strata team

We believe in finding the right way to communicate for every task.

For some issues email is great, but occasionally we just need to pick up the phone or arrange a quick online meeting with your committee to reach a consensus.

We know your time is valuable, so we work hard to get you the right answer, at the right time, in the right way. Each committee is different, so we are happy to adjust our approach to suit yours.

While we live in an online world, some still prefer to have meetings in person and receive correspondence in the mail. Our tailored approach to body corporate management caters to every committee.

While we offer online platforms for voting, applications, levies and meetings, we work to the preferences of the individual and committee.
BCsystems offers an easy-to-understand fee structure that INCLUDES the day-to-day operating costs required to manage your body corporate. This covers expenses like printing, postage, mobile calls and emails.

It is extremely important to make an apples-with-apples comparison on strata management packages.

If the fees DO NOT include operational costs like those highlighted in the table below, what may seem like a low rate can, and will, easily blow out when every email, phone call and printout is itemised and charged additionally.


management fees


management fees
other fees

What's included

  • BCsystems
  • Other
  • Other
  • Other
All inclusive
Essentials package
Local calls
Mobile calls
Long distance calls
Issuing documents by email
EFT payments
Some companies charge an additional $2 for printing on company letterhead
Internet access
Some companies charge a blanket fee for internet access
Special levies
Office stationery
Some companies charge a blanket fee for office stationery
Electronic voting fees
Some companies charge additional for online voting
Video conferencing---
Levies arrears management---
Insurance management---
No-cost levy payments---
Online invoice approval---
Online portal---
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