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28 Jul 2022

How new pet rights for tenants will impact body corporate

With pandemic pet ownership at an all-time high, residential tenancy laws in Queensland are set to change on 1 October, making it easier...

05 Jul 2022

Dividing fences

Bodies corporate, like most other property owners, nearly always share a boundary fence with one or more neighbours The neighbours can...

05 Apr 2022

Land valuations for body corporate

Every property in Queensland has a land valuation, this value is used for land tax and local council rate calculations This is also...

25 Feb 2022

4 steps to manage water leaks

We have been building houses for about a million years – but buildings still leak! As Brisbane enters day 3 of continuous torrential...

11 Feb 2022

Rising building costs and sinking fund levies

Bodies corporate are required by law to collect sinking fund levies (the sinking fund is a savings account), which will provide for at...

24 Jan 2022

Strata insurance premium trends

For most bodies corporate, strata building insurance is compulsory for the common property and also usually for each lot This may depend on...

19 Jan 2022

Smoking: A health hazard to be restricted in strata

A new decision by a Queensland Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM) Adjudicator has caused a stir this week, providing a pathway...

14 Jan 2022

Gutter maintenance

At this time of year (with wind and rain), roof gutters are put to the test Gutter maintenance and gutter cleaning are necessary to keep...

13 Dec 2021

Queensland COVID restrictions for bodies corporate

Queensland has introduced vaccination requirements which commence on 17 December 2021 – the aim of this newsletter is to provide some...

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