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13 Oct 2021

Pool preparation: Get summer ready!

Queenslanders live an outdoor lifestyle, and many bodies corporate offer swimming pools and other outdoor recreation areas for residents As...

01 Oct 2021

Are you ready for storm season? Here’s our 5 top tips on how to prepare

Storm season has rolled back around for those of us who live in South-East Queensland In this quick guide, we will cover what you can do...

16 Sep 2021

Management rights: Industry Jargon

Management rights can be complicated And when things get complicated, technical terms and jargon arise Sometimes this jargon is thrown into...

02 Sep 2021

Committee meetings: Best practice

Body corporate committees make decisions through committee meetings in two ways: at committee meetings by making majority decisions...

30 Aug 2021

Spending limits

Body corporate funds belong jointly to the owners, and body corporate funds must be spent with due care by the body corporate To regulate...

27 Aug 2021

Common property defect report

The new requirement In March 2021, updated regulations came into effect for nearly all body corporate communities in Queensland, you can...

09 Aug 2021

By-laws: The basics

What are by-laws The body corporate is regulated in two main ways: Legislation By-laws (internal rules for each body corporate) By-laws...

29 Jul 2021

Smoke alarm changes – Top 10 things to know

Smoke alarm laws changed for Queensland residential properties in 2017 The change in the law was to upgrade the minimum number, type and...

27 Jul 2021

Building defects in body corporate properties

Building defects can arise in body corporate properties – this article looks into the steps for a body corporate to resolve building...

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