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14 Jan 2022

Gutter maintenance

At this time of year (with wind and rain), roof gutters are put to the test Gutter maintenance and gutter cleaning are necessary to keep...

13 Dec 2021

Queensland COVID restrictions for bodies corporate

Queensland has introduced vaccination requirements which commence on 17 December 2021 – the aim of this newsletter is to provide some...

19 Nov 2021

Defibrillators in strata

Many body corporate developments include health & lifestyle facilities including: Swimming pool Gym Tennis court Sauna Running...

04 Nov 2021

Termites in strata

In Queensland, our natural environment makes timber buildings a target for termites Termites are a class of insects that consume timber as...

01 Nov 2021

Introducing Microsoft Teams

We all know that Covid-19 has changed the way people meet During the last 18 months, BCsystems has offered to hold meetings with our...

27 Oct 2021

Investment options for strata funds

The current low interest rate environment is great if you are a homeowner! It’s not so great if you are a body corporate committee...

13 Oct 2021

Pool preparation: Get summer ready!

Queenslanders live an outdoor lifestyle, and many bodies corporate offer swimming pools and other outdoor recreation areas for residents As...

01 Oct 2021

Are you ready for storm season? Here’s our 5 top tips on how to prepare

Storm season has rolled back around for those of us who live in South-East Queensland In this quick guide, we will cover what you can do...

16 Sep 2021

Management rights: Industry Jargon

Management rights can be complicated And when things get complicated, technical terms and jargon arise Sometimes this jargon is thrown into...

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