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16 Aug 2022

Review sinking fund after a project

We recently published an article about the impact of rising building costs on sinking fund levies: Rising building costs and sinking fund...

16 Aug 2022

Top 6 levy mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Body corporate owners can find themselves late on levy contributions for a number of reasons – let’s take a look at the top 6 most...

16 Aug 2022

Levy payment plans

Body corporate levies are essential to the operation of a body corporate A body corporate is not a business, and is entirely self-funded by...

16 Aug 2022

Strata insurance risk requirements

The body corporate industry is full of jargon, and especially when it comes to insurance Your body corporate may have received a letter...

28 Jul 2022

How new pet rights for tenants will impact body corporate

With pandemic pet ownership at an all-time high, residential tenancy laws in Queensland are set to change on 1 October, making it easier...

05 Jul 2022

Dividing fences

Bodies corporate, like most other property owners, nearly always share a boundary fence with one or more neighbours The neighbours can...

05 Apr 2022

Land valuations for body corporate

Every property in Queensland has a land valuation, this value is used for land tax and local council rate calculations This is also...

25 Feb 2022

4 steps to manage water leaks

We have been building houses for about a million years – but buildings still leak! As Brisbane enters day 3 of continuous torrential...

11 Feb 2022

Rising building costs and sinking fund levies

Bodies corporate are required by law to collect sinking fund levies (the sinking fund is a savings account), which will provide for at...

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