Application form for information certificate/disclosure statement

Scheme Details

Details of person making request

Request Details

Information Certificate
Amount: $65.35 (Monday to Thursday)
Information Certificate URGENT
Amount: $89.90 (Urgent + Friday)
Disclosure Statement
Amount: $148.00 (Monday to Thursday)
Disclosure Statement URGENT
Amount: $198.00 (Urgent + Friday)
Amount: $50 (Non Lot Owner Request)
Certificate of Currency
Amount: $22 (Non Lot Owner Request)

Payment Details

Please note that payment must be paid in full prior to documentation being issued. Payments can be made
via phone using a Visa or MasterCard (07 3899 0299) or alternatively via Direct Debit transfer into the Body
Corporate Systems Pty Ltd Bank Accounts – details as follows:

Body Corporate Systems Pty Ltd
BSB: 184 446
ACC: 226 914 703