Committee proxy

Committee proxy

Please note when completing this form:

  • Committee members may assign a proxy (voting entitlement) to another committee member for a particular meeting.
  • Only another current voting committee member may hold a committee proxy.
  • The body corporate manager and caretaker cannot hold or assign a proxy.
  • The proxy is only for a single meeting, and ceases at the end of the meeting.
  • The secretary or treasurer may appoint a proxy only if approved by the committee, which can be considered as the first item on the committee meeting agenda.
  • Committee members may hold a proxy for only one other committee member. If a member is appointed as proxy by two or more other members, one of the proxy votes must be refused.

Voting eligibility – Both the member giving the proxy and the member receiving the proxy must be eligible to vote. If either the proxy giver or proxy receiver owe a body corporate debt (e.g. unpaid levy) at the time of the meeting, or have a conflict of interest about a motion, the proxy vote will be invalid.

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