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Payment plan

This is to apply for a payment plan to repay outstanding levies or body corporate debt. Only the owner of the lot is able to submit this application.

When making a payment plan application you should ensure:

  • Payments are regular and a consistent amount
  • The current outstanding debt is paid within 3-6 months
  • Any new levies issued during your payment plan must be paid in full by the due date.

Your payment plan request will be issued to the committee for their consideration. The committee may approve a different payment plan to the one you have proposed, or the committee may refuse your payment plan.

If you are submitting a payment plan, we recommend you start making payments immediately, even before the committee has provided a response. Any amount you pay towards your debt will reduce the total outstanding balance and any penalties or interest that applies. Early payments also show the committee your commitment to the payment plan that you propose.

BCsystems facilitates the levy recovery process but is not a decision-maker about levies.


    Have you received any communication (call, email or letter) from a solicitor or debt collector acting on behalf of your body corporate?

    Your answer indicates that your body corporate has already engaged a solicitor to recover your levy debt. The committee cannot consider a payment plan directly from you.

    You may be able to enter into a payment plan facilitated by the solicitor or debt collector. For more information contact the solicitor or debt collector.

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    Owner details

    Payment plan proposal

    I propose to pay for this by making regular payments of:

    Commencing on:

    Payment plan reason


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