Our core business is ensuring that our strata communities comply with the complex legislation that governs community title schemes whilst assisting all stakeholders in making informed decisions that are in the best interests of all.

Personalised approach

We pride ourselves on a unique personalised approach by assigning a strata manager and assistant team to each respective scheme. Each strata manager and assistant is supported by our in-house administrative, accounts, levies and arrears and insurance support teams who collectively provide the following services:


  • Convene and attend committee and general meetings
  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices and minutes
  • Co-ordinate and manage communication and correspondence
  • Assist with approval requests.


  • Open, maintain and operate a bank account for the administrative fund and sinking fund
  • Prepare a statement of accounts for each financial year
  • Prepare a draft budget for each financial year
  • Issue notices to lot owners for payment of contributions
  • Receipt and bank levies
  • Process and pay accounts
  • Prepare financial records and statements as required by the Regulations
  • Prepare financial records for audit


  • Establish and maintain roll and records
  • Obtain insurance quotations, lodge and manage insurance claims
  • Ensure legislative compliance
  • Provide general advice to the Body Corporate
  • Liaise between all stakeholders

Specialist strata management services

  • Prepare and lodge new community management statements
  • Prepare and lodge dispute resolution applications at the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management
  • Assist with any claims in other specialist jurisdictions
  • Co-ordination of repairs and maintenance
  • Bulk supply of utilities billing
  • Provide general advice in relation to variations and assignment of management and letting agreements


Strata services to suit all budgets and requirements

Because every scheme is different, BCsystems offers built-in flexibility with all of our strata management services.

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