Scheme types


Boutique to high-rise residential

More than 25% of our housing market growth is in medium to high density apartment living. Residential strata developments account for a very high proportion of homes, particularly in urban areas.

Our experience working with clients ranges from boutique residential developments pitched at sophisticated owner-occupiers with high-end architectural design and hotel-style services; through to quality investor-market product designed to provide safe and reliable investment returns for investor-owners. Those two buildings may be neighbours on the street, but the needs of each will be quite different.

Where a boutique owner-occupied building may have a focus on enhancing lifestyle amenities, an investor-market building may be focused on maximising rental returns by making the building competitive in the rental market. We understand these different goals, and that is why we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to our services. The needs of each scheme may be different, but our clients trust BCsystems’ advice for its breadth, consistency and tailoring to each committee’s goals and objectives.

icon townhouses

Townhouses and gated communities

Townhouses and gated communities occupy a special place in strata living, and often serve the market in between free-standing housing and apartment living.

Many strata-titled schemes provide a neighborhood of consistent townhouse or duplex style dwellings, often serviced by community recreation amenities like swimming pools, parks, landscaped areas and BBQ facilities. Those schemes offer the certainty and assurance of a committee-managed neighborhood with the feeling of a community suburb.

Other community developments are designed to provide the amenities only, and leave construction of the dwellings up to each purchaser or lot owner. This is the closest type of strata development to a typical neighbourhood. These schemes often have versatile architectural covenants and other by-laws to protect the quality of the development, whilst at the same time allowing freedom to each lot owner.

icon commercial and retail

Commercial and retail

Commercial and retail schemes have a dedicated regulatory framework under the legislation, which recognises the commercial nature of these developments. That framework provides enhanced committee powers to upkeep and maintain the developments without limiting maintenance spending, for example.

It is crucial for commercial and retail schemes to operate efficiently and with precision – every day saved with BCsystems’ assistance navigating those regulations means increased profitability of the businesses operating in these schemes.

Commercial and retail scheme meetings are quite different to residential meetings – and we tailor our service to provide exactly what is needed for commercial schemes.

icon mixed used developments

Mixed-use developments

Mixed-use developments is a term that captures any precinct or strata development with more than one type of use.

Simple mixed-use developments often incorporate one or more retail lots at ground level, with apartments above. This type of development is common in urban areas and is often mandated by Councils seeking to blend residential and commercial zones. Often those mixed-use developments are part of the same body corporate and share responsibilities for decision making.

More complex mixed-use developments may incorporate retail operations, residential apartments, hotel-operation in dedicated hotel lots and in the apartments, plus other services such as concierge services, shopping centres etc. Typically large mixed-use precincts including multiple separate bodies corporate which are tied together through a layered structure and or with building management statements (BMS).

Management of mixed-use developments is a highly specialised area of strata management and broadly involves:

  • Understanding and navigating the complex structure of different schemes and committees, overlays such as easements and BMS, and multiple approval layers
  • Considering and balancing the often opposing priorities of the different elements. What is preferred by a residential scheme is often not aligned with a shopping centre scheme or hotel scheme.
  • Taking a whole of site view when any shared projects are undertaken. For example how does a by-law change impact on the other schemes?

BCsystems has a number of senior team members who are experienced in establishing and managing these landmark mixed-use development precincts.