Small scheme hub

Efficient and low-cost management of your body corporate

Our small scheme hub is designed especially for buildings with up to 20 lots, enabling your committee to run efficiently with our wide range of self-service options.

Our forms allow your committee and owners to work with BCsystems at a time convenient for you. While you’re here, check out our top five tips for getting the best value for money from your strata management fee, and help keep your levies down.


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Committee members and owners have access to our online portal. If you are a first-time user, you’ll be prompted to create a free account linked to your email address.

Here you’ll be able to access:

For owners

For committees

As your professional advisor, we don’t need to know everything that happens in your complex. Often we get copied into emails on discussions regarding plants in the garden! 

Instead of copying us in on every email, discuss issues with your committee or owners, and then ask us for specific advice when everyone is on the same page.

You’ll find it’s faster, and the response quality improved. 

With 30 years of practice, we know that a phone call is far more effective then email when it comes to solving a complex issue.

On the phone we can ask follow-up questions, chat through the challenges of an issue and brainstorm ideas. 

A 30-minute call, instead of 30 minutes of back and forth over email, will get everyone up to speed more quickly, with a clearer understanding of the problem and the solution. The faster we can get the advice to you, the cheaper that process becomes. 

We have designed easy-to-use forms to guide owners in providing all the required information. These form enquiries are therefore answered more quickly and reliably.

Our contract is for work during business hours, so when we stay back to attend an after-hours meeting, that usually brings an additional cost.

Sometimes after hours will be the only way, but if your committee members or owners can be available during the day, you’ll save money. 

Arranging repairs and maintenance can be extremely time-consuming, so when our professional time is spent organising trades and maintenance, your body corporate pays for that service, and it can become expensive.

The preferred option is for your committee to engage directly with the contractor. This will not only save you money, but allow the committee to meet with each contractor, problem-solve on the spot, and avoid any miscommunication often caused by using a third party.

Don’t worry, we’re happy to share our list of 5-star rated tradies for you to use.

While we can assist with maintenance, it is not our area of expertise, and it takes our focus off the important administrative functions we do for your body corporate.