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We propose proactive solutions and opportunities whenever we see them coming. Our client relationships are built on trust, which we have earned over 27 years.

  • Our expert professional advice on any strata topic
  • Assisting with easements, plans, CMS
  • Building management statement (BMS)
  • Enforcing by-laws & related advice
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  • Assistance with disputes
  • Levy arrears collection
  • Liaising with industry experts, consultants, lawyers etc


Community and apartment living is the future for South-East Queensland.
Let's work together to shape that future.

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We are a full-service, high-quality strata management team. We stand out because we collaborate with our clients to achieve their goals. We know that strata can be complicated, and your committee needs a team that you can partner with, rely on and trust for the long term. That’s why we have worked with clients for more than 25 years. Our style is personal. We know that the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work for our clients. That’s why our team deliver highly personalised and tailored services – giving you what you need when you need it.

Your strata work is done by the people you know, right here in Brisbane. We know that relationships are the most important part of our business. Challenges are inevitable in our work, and strong trust relationships with our committees allow us to turn those challenges into opportunities. You’ll know you made the right choice working with the BCsystems team as we navigate the strata red-tape effortlessly, allowing you to spend time thinking about what matters.


Let us give your next development a head start. Our dedicated consultants live and breathe property development

We have the right people, expertise and professional contacts to help you bring new developments to the market. From concept, planning, industry consultants, by-laws and budget right through to completion, we understand what it takes to make your development successful.

We work with developers every day. Whether they are on their first or hundredth project, our highly personalised services is why developers choose to work with our BCsystems team.

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Body Corporate Developement


The BCsystems learning hub is a culmination of over 27 years of strata knowledge, passed down to your from our most senior experienced strata managers.

Committee advice

Spending limits for a body corporate committee

This article has been taken from he commissioner for the Body Corporate and Community Management Act and looks at spending limits in a body corporate ...
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BCsystems is committed to strata excellence

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Trusted and innovative

The strata management industry has evolved immensely in the 27 years BCsystems has been in operation. This has left most of the companies in the industry quite similar. Like these other companies we are experts, we are responsive and we are professional. However, unlike other strata managers we go the extra mile to leave you feeling great about your strata team. We do this by providing a highly personal service that focuses on you. In fact, we pride ourselves on being Brisbane’s most trusted and most personal strata managers.

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