Service guarantee

We deliver the best service in South East Queensland

We know we deliver the best strata management service in South East Queensland. That’s a bold claim, and we back it up with our BCsystems service guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the service you have received from BCsystems, you are entitled to a 10% reduction in secretarial fees for your scheme. Keep reading to find out how exactly that works.

BCsystems Service guarantee
BCsystems Pulse Survey

Monthly pulse survey

At BCsystems we run regular feedback surveys to our committee members to understand what aspects of our service you love, and which areas we can work on for improvement.

We encourage all committee members to give honest feedback – it helps us to help our customers better.



We evaluate your feedback to identify specific actions to address the issue. This may involve further discussions with your committee and other parties to ensure we understand the problem and can map out a path forward to ensure that the area improves and the right outcome is achieved.



Once we have identified and mutually agreed on the areas where we can improve, we then look to implement the changes. During this process BCsystems will continually seek feedback to ensure that the improvements are having the desired effects.


Still unhappy?

Whilst highly unlikely, we will discount our secretarial fees by 10% for 1 year if we are unable to resolve the issue and satisfy your committee. It’s a simple promise (but one which is unique in our industry).

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