Establishing new schemes

Our comprehensive strata consultancy service provides sound, considered advice and direction to our clients about titling arrangements and scheme structure. This is to ensure that all stakeholders’ interests are protected while delivering the most effective and efficient on-going management. Our consultants have extensive experience in establishing basic, multi-staged and layered community title schemes across a broad range of market sectors, including:


Initial consulting and advice

  • Administrative and sinking fund budgets
  • Contribution schedule lot entitlements (CSLE)
  • Interest schedule lot entitlements (ISLE)
  • Schedule of entitlements and proposed contributions



  • Convene first extraordinary general meeting of the body corporate
  • Generate levy contributions
  • Arrange execution of agreements
  • Establish body corporate bank accounts
  • Establish financial statements
  • Arrange body corporate seal
  • Obtain insurance certificate of currency
  • Prepare and issue information certificates (Form 205)
  • Prepare and issue welcome packs to owners

Additional specialists services

street map
  • Plan of subdivision
    • Standard format plan
    • Building format plan
    • Volumetric format plan
  • Caretaking and letting agreements
    • Scheme specific duties
    • Occupation authorities
  • Easements, access agreements
    and licenses
  • Community management
    • CSLE & ISLE principles &
    • By-laws
    • Exclusive use areas & plans
  • Building management statements
    • Shared access and facilities
    • Shared area plans
    • Cost sharing arrangements

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