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Enforcing by-laws as a body corporate

Enforcing by-laws as a body corporate

Enforcing body corporate by-laws involves a multifaceted approach with responsibility shared across the body corporate and owner or occupiers. In this article, we look at ...
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Changes to the BCCMA

Upcoming changes to the body corporate and community management act: What you need to know

The landscape of body corporate regulation in Queensland is on the brink of significant transformation as the commencement date for the Body Corporate and Community ...
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Minimum housing standards

Minimum housing standards for Queensland tenants

Ensuring the safety, security, and functionality of all rental properties in Queensland is the goal of minimum housing standards, which came into effect on September ...
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Exclusive use areas

Exclusive use areas in a body corporate

Exclusive use (EU) areas are areas within a body corporate scheme allocated for the exclusive use of a particular owner or group of owners. While ...
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Individual water meters

Upgrading to Individual Water Meters

This article looks at the process the body corporate should consider when upgrading to individual water meters.
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Changing the flooring

Can I change the flooring in my townhouse or unit?

Considering changing the flooring in your townhouse or unit? Opting to replace carpet with laminate or hardwood is a common renovation decision and one that ...
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Common Body Corporate Terminology

Common Body Corporate Terminology

Navigating the world of property ownership involves understanding various terms and concepts, especially when it comes to shared spaces and communal living arrangements. In this ...
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Changing by-laws

How to change or update a by-law

This article looks at how to change or update a by-law. While committees can recommend change, it can only be passed by a vote of ...
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Insurance claim form

Making a claim through strata insurance

This article looks at making a claim through strata insurance for an individual lot, from what’s covered, to what you need to do to speed ...
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