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Spending limits for a body corporate committee

This article has been taken from he commissioner for the Body Corporate and Community Management Act and looks at spending limits in a body corporate ...
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Making internal changes to your unit

Australians love to renovate. Whether you're in a free-standing house, where the possibilities seem endless, or navigating the nuances of living within a body corporate ...
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New body corporate legislation passed

Earlier this year we published an article discussing the proposed changes to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act. This legislation has now been passed. ...
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Acceptable grounds for refusing a pet application

Pets have long held a special place in our hearts and homes, and while pet ownership was already a right for owners with a body ...
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Encouraging owners to become involved in the body corporate committee

While owners undeniably have a vested interest in a smoothly operating and well-maintained complex, they may still hesitate to become actively involved in the body ...
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Why you can’t park in the visitor-allocated spaces?

Parking is, and always will be, a key area of contention for the body corporate, when visitor-allocated spots are often misused by residents for their ...
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The art of dispute resolution

The art of amicable dispute resolution

Regardless of where you live, disputes are an inevitable part of communal living. Whether in a bustling inner city neighbourhood, a tranquil suburban street, or ...
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Solar panel approvals in a body corporate

Solar panel approvals in a body corporate

Can you add solar panels to the roof of your townhouse or duplex? This article looks at the legislation and approvals in a body corporate.
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Building format plan

Understanding survey plans in a body corporate

In any body corporate scheme, survey plans play a crucial role in defining the responsibilities between the lot owner and the body corporate in terms ...
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