Common Ground Queensland

Common Ground Queensland
Many of us will be fortunate never to endure the debilitating effects of homelessness. With a profound impact on those who experience it, homelessness not only correlates with a range of physical and mental health problems, it also exposes the individuals to a greater risk of violence, abuse, and exploitation.

Common Ground Queensland

There is however a beacon of hope for this growing problem. Common Ground Queensland, or CGQ as it’s known, is a small but mighty local not-for-profit dedicated to providing tailored support, including access to affordable and sustainable housing solutions, to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Queensland.

Working in partnership with the government, private sector, and community organisations, CGQ focuses on the provision of supportive housing – the combination of accommodation and tailored support services, to help individuals and families improve their well-being and achieve their goals.

Mixed-tenure model

One of the unique features of CGQ is its use of a mixed-tenure model. Here the combination of social housing, affordable housing and market-priced housing all located within the same building or development, ensures individuals and families from all walks of life can live together in a supportive and inclusive environment.

This structure has proven successful in other cities around the world and is now being implemented in Queensland as a sustainable solution to the state’s housing crisis.

Support services

CGQ also provided an array of support services to its residents, including financial literacy programs, job training, and health and wellness programs. This is all geared at empowering residents to take control of their life and achieve their full potential.

BCsystems partners with Common Ground Queensland

In 2022 BCsystems was proud to announce its partnership with Common Ground Queensland. Aligned with our own community affiliations, it is an honour to work with an organisation dedicated to such a worthy cause.

How can you help?

Every bit helps. You can donate directly to Common Ground Queensland via their website, or for a venue with a difference, check out their fully catered function rooms for hire.

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