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Enlisting volunteers can be challenging, regardless of the activity. While owners undeniably have a vested interest in a smoothly operating and well-maintained complex, they may still hesitate to become actively involved in the body corporate committee for various reasons.

In this article, we’ll explore seven strategies to inspire owners to take an active part in the body corporate committee.

1. Approach them informally

One of the most effective ways to encourage owners to join the committee is through informal conversations. Pay attention to the ones who frequently voice concerns or complaints about specific aspects of the property. These individuals might be motivated by a genuine desire to see change in these areas.

By approaching them informally and acknowledging their concerns, you can present the opportunity for them to take a more active role in finding solutions. For instance, if an owner is passionate about the state of the gardens, suggest that they consider joining the committee to address this specific issue.

These owners, however, may be more inclined to take on a short-term role focused on a particular issue they are passionate about, rather than committing to a long-term position on the committee.

2. Clarify the role and expectations

Many ‘potential committee members’ may be unsure about the requirements of the role and the responsibilities they’d be taking on. It’s therefore important to provide a clear understanding of what’s involved and what’s expected of them. This includes outlining specific tasks, meeting schedules, and any special projects or initiatives the committee may currently be involved in, or are looking to address in the near future.

Be sure to also communicate the time commitment associated with the committee role. Understandably, owners may be apprehensive if they don’t know how much time they’ll need to allocate. Keep in mind these expectations may vary throughout the year, depending on the building’s schedule of meetings and projects.

3. Reach out personally

When it comes to motivating owners into action, personalised communication will always trump a generic blanket email. Make time for a one-on-one conversation to express why you believe this owner will, in particular, be a valuable addition to the committee.

Highlight the specific strengths and qualities that make them a strong candidate and acknowledge any particular skills or expertise they have that could greatly benefit the committee’s efforts. For example, if an owner has a background in landscaping or construction, they may bring valuable insights to discussions about property maintenance and improvement projects.

4. Educate owners on the benefits

Many owners may not be fully aware of the benefits of participating in the body corporate committee. Explain how their involvement can lead to improved property values, a smooth-running and well-maintained complex, and a stronger sense of community. Highlight the previous success stories of the committee to demonstrate the positive impact that active involvement can have.

5. Foster a welcoming environment

Create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere within the community. Encourage open discussions, respect diverse opinions, and ensure that all voices are heard. This will make owners feel valued and more inclined to participate in committee activities.

6. Delegate responsibilities appropriately

Assign specific tasks and responsibilities to committee members based on their strengths and interests. This not only ensures a more efficient operation but shows that the committee will allow owners to contribute in areas they are passionate about.

7. Recognise and celebrate achievements

Show that you regularly acknowledge the efforts and contributions of committee members. Celebrating successes, both big and small, will create a positive and motivating atmosphere, and publicly recognising their achievements can inspire others to get involved and make a difference.

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