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We all know that Covid-19 has changed the way people meet. During the last 18 months, BCsystems has offered to hold meetings with our committees via video if that is preferred, and we are grateful for your ongoing support of our independent business during this time. Our team is back in the office, however some of our committees tell us they prefer the convenience of electronic meetings.

Electronic meetings are available permanently

We recognise that offering a virtual meeting experience has increased flexibility for our body corporate committees and owners. This is a service which we are committed to retain as a permanent option for those who want to use it. This is a free included service that BCsystems offers – so there are no additional costs if your committee wants to hold a meeting electronically.

There is no substitute for an on-site meeting where the committee has an opportunity to walk and talk through the complex, however in some cases or for some owners that is not possible. That’s why we offer electronic meetings as an option, but we are equally happy to hold a physical meeting on-site. Our strata managers will be guided by your committee when setting meetings.

Moving to Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom

We previously were using Zoom for our meetings, but we are now using Microsoft Teams. The benefits of Microsoft Teams are:
  • Increased flexibility for scheduling – we can now run more meetings at the same time
  • Better audio and video quality for clients using the app
  • Available on all devices
  • Remains free to use for our clients
  • Microsoft app – so it’s stable and secure

Legal status of electronic meetings

For committee meetings, it is perfectly legal for some or all of the committee members to participate in the meeting electronically (by phone or video). It is also lawful to permit owners to observe the meeting electronically, rather than by coming to the actual meeting venue. This can make meetings easier to manage, and give owners a better opportunity to observe their committee in action.

At a general meeting (AGM or EGM), owners can generally attend the meeting electronically, but in some cases voting may be restricted. There are additional voting requirements at a general meeting, so it is best to speak with your strata manager before attending an AGM or EGM electronically. The good news is that all owners have 21 days notice of any AGM or EGM so there is plenty of time to get organised for the day.

In addition to joining the discussion electronically, BCsystems also offers electronic voting for AGM and EGM – this allows owners to vote on each motion before the meeting in a convenient, secure and reliable way.

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