LGBTIQ pride at BCsystems: The Welcome Here Project

Welcome Here

Celebrating diversity

Every June, Pride month celebrates the diversity and culture of the LGBTIQ community.


Whilst Australia has made progress on LGBTIQ issues in recent years, the LGBTIQ community continues to face ongoing discrimination. This can range from active discrimination in the workplace or education, through to passive or unconscious discrimination when dealing with business forms and procedures.


At BCsystems, we take this opportunity to reflect on our contribution to the communities we serve across Queensland, and to live our community values of respect and inclusion.


Through our work as a strata management company, we are involved in the daily lives of more than 25,000 Australians – including property owners, tenants and contractors. We deal with personal and financial information, property transactions, neighbourhood issues – which means that our service and brand extends into our clients’ homes, workplaces and businesses.


It is important to us that our team, and the public that we serve feel safe and included in all dealings with us.

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Welcome Here Project

In 2021, BCsystems chose to become a member of the Welcome Here Project. As a member of the Welcome Here project, we join with other community businesses to:


  • Stand up for LGBTIQ inclusion in our business and in our community
  • Celebrate and value community diversity
  • Work to create a business and community which is free from discrimination

Businesses participating in the Welcome Here project proudly display the rainbow pin logo to represent our commitment to these objectives, and our ongoing work to improve ourselves and our communities for the better.

The LGBTIQ community can feel safe and welcome dealing with BCsystems.

Our team

Our team is as diverse as our broader community. Within our BCsystems team we are focusing on:

  • maintaining diversity and respect as an employer
  • raising awareness of LGBTIQ issues in our work
  • education to promote respect and inclusion
  • ensuring our work procedures are free from unconscious bias

If you would like to learn more about the Welcome Here project, or if you would like to register your own business, visit Welcome Here.

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