Committee nomination

Committee nomination

Lot owners may nominate individuals to serve on the body corporate committee. Only certain individuals are eligible to be nominated to the committee, including:

  • Lot owners
  • Immediate family members of lot owners
  • Power of attorney of lot owners
  • Nominees where the lot owner is a company

Lot owners can self-nominate to join the committee.

The owner of each lot may nominate one individual. An owner who owns more than one lot may be eligible to nominate more than one candidate. Feel free to contact your strata manager if you own more than one lot and are unsure how many nominations you can make.

Both the person making the nomination, and the nominee must not owe a debt to the body corporate. Lot owners who owe a body corporate debt (e.g. outstanding levies) are ineligible to nominate or be nominated.

    Body corporate details




    Queensland law now requires that both the nominator and nominee must remain financial throughout the year and at each committee vote, otherwise the committee member is barred from voting.

    Owners should self-nominate where possible instead of nominating each other, so the individual committee member remains solely responsible for their voting eligibility throughout the year.

    Eligible family members:

    A copy of the instrument (power of attorney document) must be submitted with this nomination

    Committee position

    This nomination is for the following committee position/s


    Does the nominee seek any payment for serving on the committee?

    Note: Nominees seeking payment must also submit a motion to authorise payment by using the motion submission form.


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