Alba Riverfront Apartments

Alba Apartments Bulimba

Alba Apartments, is the latest collaboration with DVB Projects and Condev Constructions, situated in the highly coveted suburb of Bulimba, along the picturesque riverfront in Brisbane.

Nestled just moments away from the bustling city, Bulimba offers a serene village atmosphere and the tranquillity of a riverside location, making it one of Brisbane's trendiest and most sought-after neighbourhoods. With its stunning views and elegant lifestyle, it's no wonder that this charming area draws people in to explore its vibrant shops and inviting cafes on the weekends.

Alba has crafted a peaceful yet invigorating living experience, where residents can savour the perks of village life, while remaining conveniently close to the city - just a mere 4 kilometers away. A majestic ferry ride connects this idyllic community to the bustling heart of Brisbane.