Registering your body corporate facilities on QLD COVID check-in app

QLD check in app body corporate

BCsystems recommends you use the Queensland check-in app, which we are all familiar with as it is mandatory for many venues. This system is also available for free to other sites, including bodies corporate.


This system allows your residents to check in to facilities with the data stored in the Qld government’s database. The on-site manager should register your body corporate online, to generate QR code signage: Check-In Qld app registration form | Queensland Government ( If your building has shared facilities but does not have a building manager, the committee can register online, or we can assist you if you ask us to do so.


Below is a guide on filling in this Qld Covid check-in app registration form for a body corporate shared facility:


  • ABN or ACN – Your body corporate has its own ABN, registered to the building name. if you don’t know the ABN, you can skip this field.
  • Registered business name – This is the name of your body corporate (e.g. Building Name CTS 12345).
  • Display name – This is what people check in to. Customise this depending on the area you are registering (e.g. Building Name – Swimming pool/BBQ area). If your building has separate areas, they can be registered separately.
  • Contact name – Building manager or committee member, this information is not made public and is only used for contact tracing at your venue
  • Phone number – Building manager or committee member’s contact number.
  • Email – Building manager or committee member’s email address, this will be used for a confirmation email.
  • Is this a mobile business – No
  • Venue address – Enter the address of your building or body corporate
  • Mailing address – Enter the mailing address for your body corporate. The website will post you out some useful information so make sure this is received by the person responsible for the site.
  • Review & confirm details

This check-in requirement for your shared areas/facilities will last beyond the lockdown, so it is important to arrange this step as soon as possible. We also recommend that you issue a communication to the tenants and residents in your body corporate about the need to sign in to the shared facilities.


BCsystems is here to help. If you get stuck or would like assistance with this registration, please contact your BCsystems strata manager directly.


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